Russian-Finnish border. There is a small town named Värtsilä on the Russian side. Literally few kilometres westward, on the right bank of Youvanyoki river, already on Finnish territory, there is a small town with the same name. Up to 1939 both settlements were part of Finland, where Karelians lived. Today there are two opposite worlds, like Angola and England.


So what I'm getting at? We live in unequal world. Differences between nations are similar to difference between two parts of Värtsilä - Russian and Finnish. Why these twin towns look so different from each other? Because Finnish elites were able to bring up responsible citizens, ready to fight and stand for the sake of prosperity of their people and state.


The tragedy of Erzyan people is not just that we disappear before our very eyes: assimilate among Russians, die from alcohol before the age of 70. Real key reason is that Erzyans do not wish to be responsible for their ovn lives and lives of their children. Here is the root of the catastrophe! Moscow stucked Erzyans, as well as other native peoples in Russia, to paternalistic perspective: «Somebody must solve my personal problems». Erzya sit and wait with mouth wide open, when Putin, Medvedev, or even Volkov will remember about them, when authorities will build a new road, open a hospital and raise salaries and pensions.


Aims and objectives of Erzyan national movement



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We were brought up as slaves, who do not wish to know how Finns or Estonians, who are the same Finno-Ugric people as Erzya, live. Even if sometimes an Erzya get in a Finnish hospital, he/she does not look for answers for a question "That we need to do to build the same hospital in Ardatov?" No! He/she only justifies disgraceful living condition of his/her own people.


What on earth is it? What's going on with these people? I do not understand our logic sometimes. You name yourself patriots of Russia, you name yourself Russians, many of you even ready to fight for Russia - for empire, which converted Erzyans into an abused, rightless and nameless tribe.


States of irresponsible people can’t stand for a long time. Irresponsible people live only in colonies. Russian colonies always lived and will live in poverty. If Erzyans agree to be a colonized nation, than we are doomed to endless poverty and swift extinction. It means that even our children and grandchildren will not be able to "reach small town of Värtsilä on western nank of Youvanyoki river".


Changes in life of common Erzyans will happen only if there will be enough active Erzyan citizens, ready to take responsibility for the future of all nation. It can be relatively small group of people, but without them future of Erzyan people is only to perish. These people must to:


1. Cultivate senses of responsibility and solidarity among Erzyans. 


2.Develop spirit of championship and force among our young people; to support the bravest ideas and initiatives; to encourage self-organization, development and expansion in business, politics or culture.


3.Build Erzyan public institutions: representative bodies, public organizations, educational establishments. 


4.Assert Erzyan identity, cultivating Erzyan perspective to the world: to estimate all events and things as benefit or harm for Erzyan Mastor and Erzyan people; to abandon speaking Russian in families; to speak Erzyan in public places (at least in Erzyan Mastor); to swift from cyrillic alphabet to Erzyan Latin; to use exceptionally Erzyan language in social networks.


5. Strengthen political, economic and cultural relations with developed Finno-Ugric nations: Finns, Estonians and Hungarians. 


Remember, what do you live for. In fact the primary objective of human life is to live with some aims. Our aim is creation of independent state of Erzyan people on our historical lands. Be a flame for Erzyan nation, not a rotting piece in Russian compost pit!


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