Erźań val society (erz. Erzyan word) was founded in Kyiv in 2008. Syres' Boliayen' and Oleksij Andrienko, both ethnic Erzyans, became his founder members together with Ukrainians having some Erzyan origin, namely Dmytro Levus' (Chepelen' Mitriay) and Rostyslav Martyniuk (Ozhomason' Kirdya). Erźań val proclaimed revival of national Erzyan identity as the main aim of society's activity. 


Erźań val organized selebrations of Days of Erzyan language in Kyiv for seven times. Celebrations took place as literary readings, including both representatives of Erzyan diaspore here in Ukraine, and Erzyans from Erzyano-Mokshania and other dense residence areas in Russian Federation. 


Our society helped to publish book of Erzyan poet Dmitrii Taganov entitled Sedeyse Tarka (erz. Place in a heart) and poetic collection of twenty-four Erzyan poets named Erzyan Valske (erz. Erzyan morning). Both books (1 200 copies each) were distributed free of charge in areas of compact residence of Erzyan people.


In 2012 Erźań val presented Erzyan-Russian / Russian-Erzyan electronic dictionary developed by members and supporters of our society. 


Erźań val with the special ardour develops Erzyan culture, overcoming colonial behavioural models, primarily sense of disability of Erzyan people and their language. Syres' Boliayen', head of society, written over 40 verses in Erzyan language. His poetry is saturated with a bright anti-colonial fervor, it appeals to something deeply forgotten, and to forbidden topics of Erzyan past: history of Erzyan state, memory about national heroes, Moscow's repressions and Erzyan struggle for civic, political, cultural and educational rights of Erzyans. Audio versions of some of these verses were recorded in professional studios, for example, Kalmaz' Letstnema (erz. Buried memory), dedicated to the fellow-villagers of Syres' Boliayen', who were subjected to Russian-Communist repressions in 1937.  Tetianen' Pshakadema  (erz. Appeal to the father) was recited during Ras'ken' Ozks, (Erzyan folk prayer standing) in 2013, just after Natalia Abrosimova (who is also of Erzyan origin) read out greeting of President of Estonia.  


Syres' Boliayen' also translated in Erzyan some popular songs of other peoples: S'kamochin' Garmoshkas is a translation of Lonely Harmonica song by composer Boris Mokrousov; Erzyan Teiternen' (erz. Erzyan girl), which is an adaptation of Ukrainian tango song, named Guzul Girl Ksenia. Myroslava Kopynets, well-known Ukrainian singer from Uzhgorod, helped to perform Umarina song (erz. Apple-tree) based on song of Ukrainian author Stepan Giga. The song is devoted to Erzyans, who gave their lives for freedom of Erzyan people. Rator Chireva (erz. On the banks of Alatyr) is a song based Lithuanian composition "In the early morning". The piece of music refers to events of 1236-1242, period of Horde invasion on Erzyan lands. Performed by Myroslava Kopynets' and Oleksandr Tovt. Musical arrangement by Hennadij Deviatov. Additionally some pieces of music were created by Syres' Boliayen' on his own music with authorial texts: the very first Erzyan waltz, named Tymon' Veranen', compositions Verghiz Moro, Chire Jutkso, Peidema Nur'kamorot


Erźań val created series of educational videos in Erzyan language, explaining attitude of Erzyans toward life, nature, environment and others like that. These videos are avialable on our web-site in "Video" section. 


Among co-founders of the society there is also Ozhomason' Kirdia, a well-known Ukrainian teleproducer, political consultant and editor of Ukrainian-language web-site of Finno-Ugric news (2004-2016), who was awarded as "Erzyan of the year" in 2007. Kirdia known as author of numerous publications about history and culture of Erzyan people. Part of his explorations were published in Erzyan Mastor newspaper. 


Oleksij Andrienko from Odesa plays a leading role in organization of all events of Erźań Val, he really is one of the most active and most oblatory members of our society. 


Ukrainian political scientist Chepelen' Mitriay is widely known for his deep analytical materials about Erzyan people in Finno-Ugric world. From the very first days of Erźań Val he takes an active part in society's work. 


Erźań Val cares not only about Erzyan diaspora in Ukraine and Erzyano-Mokshania, members of society are known for their active civic position. In 2013 Erźań Val openly supported Revolution of Dignity (EuroMaidan) in Ukraine, several activists fighted against repressive regime of pro-Russian Victor Yanukovych. During 2013-2014 an Erzyan flag was waving in hot points of revolutionary Kyiv. After Russian-Ukrainian war started, founder of the society Syres' Boliayen' joined АТО forces as a volunteer. He was later mobilized into 10th mountain-assault brigade of Armed Forces of Ukraine, participated in actions on defence of Ukraine's independence from Russian aggression.


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Celebration of the Erzyan Day. Ukraine, Kyiv, 2011.
Celebration of the Erzyan Day. Ukraine, Kyiv, 2012.
World Congress of Finno-Ugric Peoples. Hungary, 2012