When it is very desirable to enjoy a book, but there is completely no free time to read one, then very hard choice emerges: not to read at all, or to look some alternative variants. Audiobook provides exactly this possibility: it wouldn’t be wise to prefer audiobook every time, but using it sometimes if necessary – when slowly pushing a carriage, falling asleep in darkness – is quite real and helpful. 


Especially, when it is not just a book, but a real cultural phenomenon, valuable event: prominent text, voiced by its author and complemented by musical accompaniment .


Audiobooks in Erzya language constitute a separate cultural phenomenon. Today much Erzya people are not able to write in Erzya correctly, or badly read Erzya texts in Latin graphic. Exactly for such people we organized this section, in order to motivate our listeners into self-actualization: to talk Erzya in family, to start publishing notes in Erzya in social networks, to write SMS and e-mails in Erzya, encourage colleagues and friends to use Erzya language in everyday life. 


Erźań Val not only collected all available audiobooks in Erzya language but also works on creation of its own content. We invite volunteers to sound Erzyan prose and poetry. Write us, together we’ll do Erzya world more interesting!


Aleksand Tikšajkin. Paro lomań (MP3 – 13,14 Mb)

Aleksand Tikšajkin. Urozket́ (MP3 – 28,4 Mb)

Aleksand Tikšajkin. Francuz (MP3 – 26,4 Mb)



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