Until recently majority of videocontent in Erzya language was created on request of Republic of Mordovia’s official authorities. First of all it’s about news production, dedicated almost exceptionally to folklore issues and oversaturated with praises of republican and federal officials. It is difficult to interest even native Erzyans in this product, not to mention any foreigners. 


Erźań val set the goal to collect films, clips and educational videos in Erzya language. We work on creation of our own multimedia products. Also we call all amateurs to send videos in Erzya to us - it can be video blogs, poetries, clips or any other videoformats, which could be interesting not only to you personally, but to wider audience. 


our videos

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Kalmaź ĺedstnema

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Moneń kortit́


gallery/erz - 3

Kalmaź ĺedstnema